Interoperability and Patient Access: A New Age of Healthcare Revolution

Join us for a live virtual session with leading industry experts, Mike Sutten, Phil Fasano, and David Nace, MD, to understand the changing landscape of interoperability in healthcare and how a FHIR-enabled Data Activation Platform can drive true interoperability and help healthcare organizations and payers become CMS compliant.

Interoperability and Patient Access: A New Age of Healthcare Revolution

The industry is inching closer to the goal of putting patients truly at the center. As the healthcare system becomes more proficient, payers will be held to a higher standard. To become compliant with the CMS Patient Access and Provider Directory APIs, they need to overcome complex clinical, operational, and security challenges.

For years, healthcare leaders have been calling attention to the advantages of entrusting members with their health data. With the enactment of the CMS Interoperability and Patient Access Rule (CMS 9115-F), the endeavor has finally come to pass. CMS and ONC's final rules on data interoperability and information blocking present complex clinical, operational, and security challenges for healthcare organizations. They will need to strategize how to modernize their IT infrastructure to enable secure access to sensitive information.

  • Why has interoperability failed for so many years? How can we get beyond these failures?
  • How has COVID-19 accelerated transformation in healthcare? What impact does COVID-19 have on the roll-out of the Cures law and interoperability guidelines?
  • How can interoperability impact the quadruple aim in healthcare?
  • What are the most promising connected consumer solutions? What does the future of connected consumer solutions hold?
  • How does Interoperability improve care coordination and impact primary care teams?
  • What data is still unavailable for patient use? How would patients benefit from this information, and how would this impact their health?

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