5 Key Strategies for Payers to Drive Seamless Provider Collaboration

Payer-provider collaboration is crucial to the efficiency of health plan operations. Therefore, payers and providers need to redefine their relationship in order to boost care experiences, improve overall health outcomes, lower costs, and enhance member journeys.

About the Webinar

Watch this webinar recording where the panelists aim to foster discussions around payer-provider collaboration to gain insight into some of the strategies that payers can employ across the provider relationship lifecycle.

You will learn

  • How payers can build a high-performing provider network using provider data and analytics.
  • The CMS mandates that will enhance provider experience through interoperability and information access.
  • How payers can enhance risk adjustment for providers through gap identification and point-of-care insights.
  • How payers can leverage advanced analytics and automation to help providers improve care quality.
  • How to engage providers through multiple channels to improve relationships and enhance satisfaction.

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