Life science organizations need data-driven strategies to succeed in the competitive and dynamic business landscape. So, Real World Data (RWD) from traditional structured and unstructured sources such as claims and electronic health records and non-traditional sources such as sensors, wearables, and medical devices have assumed increased importance. Extracting value from these RWD sources enables Real World Evidence (RWE) that can support key decisions across product development, market access, and patient and provider engagement. Collectively these efforts optimize patient outcomes from therapy.

With the growing quantity and variety of RWD, the importance of curating and enriching this data continues to increase as well. To leverage expansive RWD, it must be comprehensive, complete, reliable, normalized, and accessible to key stakeholders within a life sciences organization.

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How to harness the value of RWD in enabling RWE across the Life Sciences value chain.
How to ingest, govern, normalize, and standardize data from multiple traditional and non-traditional data sources and make it appropriately accessible in time within your organization
How data curation supports your mission as a life sciences organization.
How access to enriched data supports Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning and how it contributes to improving patient outcomes.

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