On the Cusp of a New Era : Building a Platform to Power the Future of Health

It’s one thing to aim for a moonshot for healthcare. But it’s another thing entirely to enable a whole new generation of innovation. The Innovaccer Health Cloud is one such step towards building the future of health. Join Dr. David Nace, Chief Medical Officer at Innovaccer, and Dr. Paul Grundy, Chief Transformation Officer at Innovaccer, in an insightful discussion to explore the changes and challenges of the digitally empowered healthcare ecosystem.

About the Webinar

Healthcare is at the brink of a massive transformation. Over the last ten years, the industry has spent billions of dollars in digitizing healthcare processes with great success. That was step #1 of the journey. Now, we have troves of information on our health locked in electronic silos. We need to bring this information together using a cloud platform that not only unlocks the power of the data but also provides a platform on which new digital services and solutions can be built with native interoperability.

Watch this recorded session where David Nace, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Innovaccer Inc., and Paul Grundy, MD, Chief Transformation Officer, Innovaccer Inc., have an insightful discussion on how a health cloud provides the missing link in healthcare technology and helps build the future of health.

You will learn

  • What is the current state of healthcare in managing patient demands, and how has COVID-19 changed the system?
  • How do we create healthcare’s iPhone moment today?
  • What are the administrative, clinical, and operational barriers stakeholders must overcome?
  • How can a concept of health cloud help manage healthcare complexity and create a culture of “healthcare with no address?”
  • How can such a health cloud drive synergies across providers and payers to achieve better clinical and financial outcomes?
  • How are leading healthcare organizations leveraging a health cloud to bring the future to life?

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