Reimagining Healthcare: Optimizing Data & Analytics to Improve Health Outcomes

Join Dr. David Nace and Tim State, Senior Vice President of Associate Health and Well-Being at Humana, to learn how to use data, analytics, and technology to create better health outcomes and lower costs through access to real-time information.

About the Webinar

Blending insights from traditional claims and clinical data with insights from non-traditional data sources provides a more holistic view of an individual’s predicted behavior and its impact on their health.

The key to improving health outcomes is to close gaps in care by using actionable, data-based insights. Using data on social determinants of health—such as income, educational level, and employment—can improve community health and well-being.

How can we distill the most relevant information to incorporate into conversations with patients and members when there is so much data available from disparate sources?

Watch this session to learn about:

  • How can the use of data-driven care management help healthcare organizations in advancing value-based care initiatives?
  • How is PSW building the future of connected teams?
  • How is Multicare enhancing health outcomes across its network?
  • How can healthcare organizations identify KPIs to improve value-based care and enhance operations overall?

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