Role of A Health Cloud in Data-Driven Decision-Making and Digital Health Initiatives

Join this webinar where David Nace, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Innovaccer Inc., Dr. James Weinstein, Senior Vice President, Microsoft Healthcare and Glenn Steele, Jr., MD, Ph.D., Vice Chair, Health Transformation Alliance (HTA), discuss how a health cloud provides the missing link in healthcare technology, drives data-driven decision-making and helps build the future of health.

About the Webinar

Healthcare is at its digital tipping point. We are on the cusp of an era of tremendous opportunity, with new cloud-based technologies enabling us to unlock actionable insights from patient data. These technologies allow healthcare providers to better collaborate in providing care, empowering patients and improving health outcomes.

To enable innovation, healthcare organizations need a strategy to inject data-driven decisions into routine business and clinical processes. They need to integrate data locked in electronic silos using a cloud platform that unlocks the power of the data and provides a platform on which can build new digital services and solutions with native interoperability.

Watch this session to learn about

  • What do providers need to have a unified patient view, actionable insights at the point of care, and tools that drive shared-decision making?
  • How can providers employ a powerful suite of healthcare cloud applications that allows the activation of more meaningful experiences and improvement in clinical, operational, and financial outcomes?
  • What are the most important strategies that are helping providers manage drivers of financial performance such as risk, quality, cost, and utilization?

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