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The US spends far too much on healthcare. The 2016 National Health Expenditure Data states that the healthcare expenditure per capita was $10,348 and is expected to rise to $11,193 by the end of the year 2018. Despite several efforts made in the direction of value-based care, care management is often singled out as one of the missing pieces.

The challenges in care management emerge mainly because of:

  • Fragmented systems
  • Access to incomplete patient information
  • Inappropriate organization workflows
  • Poor outreach
  • A low rate of patient engagement, and many more

This whitepaper discusses the importance of care management in advancing patient-centric care. It highlights the following aspects of a smooth care-delivery mechanism:

Read this Whitepaper to learn about:
The ‘why’ behind care management and the current state of care delivery
Concepts of an effective chronic care management strategy
Roadmap for an efficient transition of care
A data-driven approach to defining the success of a care management aspect
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