Connected Health: How Advanced Remote Patient Monitoring is Transforming Health and Social Care

The shift from treating illness to managing health is demonstrated by an increase in the use of monitoring outside of the clinical setting. In the context of COVID-19, leveraging patient monitoring technology to ease the burden on hospitals and healthcare facilities has been extremely beneficial. Especially for older patients as they are more likely to develop severe coronavirus symptoms. With the reduced frequency of hospital visits and reduced time spent waiting in the Outpatient Department, it ensures minimized exposure to diseases for vulnerable patients and healthcare workers.

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) is revolutionizing the healthcare industry as it minimizes hospital visits and reduces patient waiting time. In the past few years, RPM has witnessed an increase in demand due to the constantly growing penetration of the internet and the rise of advanced technologies.

Read this whitepaper to learn about:

  • Key factors driving RPM’s growth and the role that technology is playing in supporting these changes
  • What the future of RPM looks like
  • Why many organizations need to revamp their technology roadmaps to improve the patient and caregiver experience
  • How to manage complex people and process challenges, and drive sustainable care management
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