The New Outlook of Healthcare Interoperability

EHRs have been around for more than 30 years, yet healthcare organizations and stakeholders have been facing complications in sharing their health data. Only 69% of providers can share data within their health system efficiently.

The new interoperability regulations have focused on the fact that the need for true interoperability has increased like never before. Establishing transparency and streamlining data exchange is imperative to respond to the crisis effectively.

This whitepaper reviews the current landscape in detail. It discusses the importance of interoperability in advancing patient-centered care, its brief history in the U.S. healthcare domain, and comparison with other industries.

Major highlights of the whitepaper include:

  • The brief history of interoperability in healthcare and its comparison with other industries
  • The importance of Application Programming Interface (APIs) and FHIR in the field
  • The changes that the final interoperability rule brought to the healthcare data sharing standards
  • The importance of a FHIR-enabled Data Activation Platform in mapping out the future of healthcare interoperability
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