Innovaccer's Unified Data Model (UDM)

There are immense challenges in integrating healthcare data from disparate sources and empowering business applications to make decisions and improve performance. Furthermore, the volume of the data, evolving regulatory landscape, and requirements around real-time, population-level analytics further adds complexity to instrument and design a comprehensive foundation for business intelligence and advanced analytics. 

Innovaccer approached the data challenges with a unique and hybrid approach of leveraging modern distributed data technologies with data model foundations based on data architecture best practice principles. This whitepaper explains how Innovaccer’s Unified Data Model (UDM), the foundational component of Innovaccer’s FHIR®-enabled Data Activation Platform operates and assists in different business and analytics use cases.

Read this whitepaper to learn about:

  • The next-generation healthcare data lake
  • The key design principles of UDM
  • Overview of UDM data levels 
  • Business and Analytics use cases
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