Today, data is at the center of healthcare. Providers, payers, and healthcare organizations are increasingly concerned about how to efficiently store large amounts of data and use it to extract value for members. Payers seeking to meet business goals and improve health outcomes for their members should consider investing in cloud technology as the healthcare industry continues to move toward value-based care. The cloud is the future of data storage and utilization, and selecting the right technology is the key to achieving optimal results. Data usage can be optimized with cloud-based solutions for data analytics, member engagement, and provider network management, enabling payers to improve plan performance. CXOs at these organizations must realize the true value addition of cloud technology.

This whitepaper examines the increasing demand for payers to adopt cloud technology, including the challenges and benefits of doing so. We explore the value of cloud technology to every C-suite leader in the payer organizations. Further, it dives into the value that cloud technology can add to health plans, and explain how it can make the transition to value-based care easier.

Read this Whitepaper to learn about:
Why the use of cloud technology is on the rise
How EHR adoption, interoperability, and COVID-19 have impacted cloud adoption
How every C-suite leader in the payer ecosystem stands to benefit from deploying cloud technology
How cloud service providers are developing platforms to help payers overcome security challenges and comply with HIPAA standards with ease
The benefits of deploying cloud technology for payers and how it impacts member care
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