The Industry’s Most Comprehensive Healthcare Data Platform for Payers

Comply with CMS Patient Access and Provider Directory APIs and support true interoperability with our payer healthcare data platform built on FHIR® through and through!

Blackbook #1 in Interoperability and Data Integration
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Become CMS compliant

Patient Access API
Experience the diversity with the most comprehensive healthcare data activation platform that supports a large network of FHIR® connections.
Provider Directory API
Equip your developers with smart APIs to power up applications that open up a variety of opportunities for your network.
Payer to Payer Data Exchange
Portable patient clinical data (USCDI) for streamlined information sharing between payers upon member request

Achieve true interoperability

Direct EMR Integration
Pre-built connectors to most popular EMRs for access to high-quality clinical data, with support for multiple exchange protocols and data formats
Cross-System Connectivity
Data sharing across priority systems to ensure consistent, singular Member 360 view based on multi-source-backed Unified Patient Records (UPRs)
Custom Workflows and Interfaces
Highly personalized workflows based on intuitive user interfaces and custom APIs, optimized for achieving cost, quality outcomes and satisfaction

Rapid speed to value

Leverage a quick and secure way to achieve standardized, enriched and compliant healthcare data with Innovaccer’s FHIR®-enabled healthcare data platform.

FHIR®-enabled Healthcare Data Activation
Platform’s Implementation Approach

The FHIR®-enabled healthcare data platform ingests, aggregates, analyzes and activates data from EHRs,
claims, EDW and other sources and prepares it for use in third party applications, developer portals and more.

Helping payers comply with interoperability norms.