Immediate Archive

Get rid of all your legacy data headaches instantly

Instant data storage & access from across all systems

Navigating between EHRs has never been this easy or efficient. Be on top of compliance requirements, records archival, and transformations with Innovaccer’s Archive.


Store critical legacy information without any hassle


Holistic Patient-360 profiles


A robust patient matching algorithm


Streamlined audit trail of patient access


Easy chart retrievals within patient profiles


Data storage at 1/10th the price of third-party vendors


Out with all legacy data headaches, In with Innovaccer

Innovaccer’s Data Activation Platform aggregates, analyzes, and activates the data in your EHRs and other health IT systems. The platform puts all the insights at your fingertips and streamlines your data archival journey.

  • Industry's fastest data integration with a turnaround time of 4 weeks
  • 200+ pre-built IT vendor connectors
  • 10M+ records in the taxonomy database

Get full & informed patient view from across all systems

Make your shift to new EHRs smooth, compliant, and hassle-free. With Patient-360, simplify your hunt for data, and the need for quality management activities. All of this, without compromising on the integrity of your patient data.

  • Normalized single source of truth
  • Real-time updated patient profiles
  • Patient search and retrieval
  • Access to historical patient data

Access the data whenever you want and however you want

The Data Activation Platform provides numerous avenues for users to access archived data, including SQL queries, tabular data access, a comprehensive longitudinal patient record, and scheduled or on-demand exports, among many.

  • SQL-based access to historical data
  • Easy data export as CCDA, PDF, among many
  • Real-time audit and compliance logs

Speed up processes with quick chart retrievals

Say goodbye to the two-week-long wait for charts retrieved manually. Switch to automated and cost-effective chart retrievals.

  • Zero manual interventions
  • Integrated records on a unified data layer
  • Automated chart retrieval within the EHR experience

Archive and access legacy data from across all systems instantaneously and painlessly.


Finally, healthcare data is no more a liability but a tool to a better care-delivery process

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