Innovaccer’s CMS-9115-F Compliance solution

Interoperability and
Patient Access final rule

Enable secure access and exchange of healthcare data
to improve care outcomes, provide payers a holistic
patient view, and create seamless experiences for
payers and members.

Deliver value for your members

Innovaccer’s CMS Compliance solution can help you meet CMS-9115-F standards—and generate
value for patients—by rapidly integrating with your existing infrastructure using minimal resources.
Increase transparency through a patient access API
Give members secure, standards-based (HL7 FHIR Release 4.0.1) access to claims, clinical, and encounter information via our FHIR server and API gateway with member-selected, certified, third-party applications.
Empower members through a provider directory API
Make up-to-date provider and pharmacy directory data public via our standard-based API.
Streamline payer-to-payer data exchange
Seamlessly transfer member data electronically upon request.
Use FHIR-based
Meet security and privacy
Access a developer portal
and payer registry

Change the healthcare data landscape

Use CMS-9115-F compliance data and capabilities to unlock downstream payer workflows and
use cases with our end-to-end solution.
Go beyond compliance
Deploy a solution with member authentication, consent management, third-party app certification, and privacy and security capabilities—all integrated with core API and data exchange functionality, to establish a foundation for downstream compliance.
Expand your member data lake
Use Innovaccer’s deep experience connecting with source systems and enterprise data warehouses for retrieving member level data.
Gain a fully managed, developer-ready portal
Streamline the third-party app certification process to support scalable member information access.
Enable scalable and extensible
CMS compliance
Access centralized
member intelligence
Build a developer
The challenges and impacts of health plan regulations
Innovaccer's CMS compliance solution for greater healthcare payer interoperability
Getting compliant with CMS Interoperability & Patient Access Rule (CMS 9115-F)
Accelerate innovation on the Innovaccer Health Cloud