Innovaccer’s CMS Compliance Solution

For years, healthcare has operated in silos. The CMS Interoperability and Patient Access Final Rule will unleash the benefits of data transparency across the healthcare value chain.

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CMS 9115-F Compliance Mandates for Payers

Patient access API
January 1, 2021*
Provider directory API
January 1, 2021*
Payer-to-payer data exchange
January 1, 2022
Federal-state data exchanges
April 1, 2022
*With CMS enforcement to start July 1, 2021

Meet regulatory requirements with Innovaccer's CMS compliance solution

Ensure payer data connectivity, stand up FHIR APIs with robust security and administrative processes, unlock third party application workflows, and drive member authentication and consent management with Innovaccer's CMS Compliance Solution.

Essential Key Components

The CMS Compliance Solution is powered by four key components that support
the implementation of the mandates.
Payer data connectivity
Integrate with payer source systems and/or data warehouses, and map required data to FHIR-based schema
FHIR server and API gateway
Stand up FHIR APIs with supporting access control list (ACL) and security protocols in place, along with payer admin interface capabilities
Third-party application workflows
Experience the diversity with the most comprehensive healthcare data activation platform that supports a large network of FHIR® connections.
Member workflows
Enable members to easily access and share their data, with appropriate authentication and consent management in place

The Innovaccer Advantage

Achieve interoperability goals beyond foundational compliance needs and get
greater access to healthcare data.
More than just the APIs
Modular, end-to-end solution including member authentication, consent management, and third party app certification workflows
Fully managed, developer ready
Developer portal and third-party app certification process in support of scalable information access
Data integration expertise
Connection with source systems and enterprise data warehouses for claims and clinical data
Enterprise security
PHI/PII security for access control, and HIPAA, ISO compliance with payer admin portal for direct management

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