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An integrated solution for employers to deliver better employee care, reduce costs, and stay productive.

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Seamless, simplified and highly-personalized experience, with emphasis on care


Best-in-class 3rd party integrations, even with the most complicated ones


Deep actionable insights through our proprietary Data Activation Platform


Fully compliant with HIPAA and other regulations


Streamlined partner payments


Multi-Lingual Solution


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A solution to monitor employee healthcare,
control costs and boost productivity

Seamless Third Party Integration

  • The complete breadth of healthcare integration
  • Secure digital chronic care programs
  • Easy social service access
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Bring the complete suite of vital healthcare integrations to one place for your employees. Drop multiple portals and extend the access to clinical and claims data, telemedicine, maternity, scheduling, and provider review in just one click. Allow effortless and secure retrieval of patient advocacy, medication, payments via a single solution, and stay connected with your employees throughout!

Spend Analysis

  • The suite of expenditure details
  • Trends in PEPM cost
  • Astute analytics on varied metrics
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Erudite your employees with real-time information on the out-of-pocket expenses for the insurance period along with the capped amount after insurance kicks in, for all the availed plans. Seize insightful details like average cost per employee, and grasp the trends in PEPM cost to produce the right financial and care decisions. Detect the gaps in your care approach with astute analytics on varied expenditure metrics and lead the right investments.

Productive, Healthier Employees

  • Benefits via seamless interfaces
  • Smart employee engagement tools
  • Reduced member issues
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Lead a healthier and more productive workforce with simplified and unified care access through seamless interfaces. Assure high employee retention with smart engagement tools and reduce your member issues with instant concierge support.

A solution to self-manage care, promote
healthy behavior and manage benefits

Health Benefits and Plans

  • Manage healthcare benefits
  • Improve employee engagement
  • Care experience at your fingertips
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Leverage the single interface that allows your employees to grasp all of the healthcare benefits and in-and-out coverage in a single click. Educate your employees about cost structures to drive greater satisfaction and engage them better with tangible health integrations. Get empowered with the benefits utilization details for greater operational success and guide your outcomes with the full care experience at your fingertips.

Notification and Reminders

  • Appointment reminders
  • Activity recommendations based on health goals
  • Pre-visit instructions and follow up intimation
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Empower your employees with appointment reminders, pre-visit instructions, follow up intimation, and activity recommendations for personalized health goals and care programs. Make the right intervention for a healthier workforce and organize wellness programs with streamlined workflows and automated invites.

Care Navigation and Educational Content

  • Simplified appointment planning
  • Symptom-based recommendations
  • Instant concierge and care support
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Facilitate your employees with accurate and specific searches on providers and conditions for the best health decisions. Bring holistic care to your workforce by simplifying their appointment planning and enabling symptom-based care recommendations that align with the employee's medical history. Enhance the employee experience with the continuum of care navigation, and deliver them instant concierge and care support to build a healthful business!

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Strike the latest and most simplified equation between employers and
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Frequently asked Questions

All you want to know about our solution, offerings, and success stories.

Q1. What is your offering?

We offer an integrated healthcare experience for employees and employers with an aim to reduce healthcare costs while improving the quality of care and enhancing productivity. Our solution for employers leverages our demonstrated capabilities across data activation, care coordination, and member outreach & engagement that have driven over $400mn in savings (~5% of overall costs) for provider organizations managing 10mn+ lives. The core pieces of our offering include:
  • Integrated and truly-personalized employee experience: Member engagement with an emphasis on proactive and coordinated care through concierge-level support, çare navigation and advocacy, seamless integrations with best-in-class 3rd party programs, and omnichannel communications
  • Robust employer tools: Actionable insights with predictive analytics through our proprietary Data Activation Platform available on live dashboards, streamlined operations and payments
  • Secure and compliant: Best-in-class enterprise security that allows for secure data transmission with HIPAA and SOC II certifications among others

Q2. Do you support Centers of Excellence (COE), Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), and/or other innovative care delivery models?

Yes, our platform is built on the foundations of value-based care and supports new delivery options like COEs, ACOs, and multiple other direct contracting arrangements.

Q3. What size companies do you work with?

We generally work with companies across all industries and who have anywhere from 500 to 100,000 benefits-eligible employees.

Q4. Do you work with fully-insured or self-insured companies?

Our solution is built to support self-insured companies.

Q5. Can you support companies that have employees across the U.S.?

Yes, we have robust provider and support networks across all states and are thus able to support companies with a presence across the U.S.

Q6. What third-party health and wellness programs do you work with?

Our platform is designed to bring together all your plans, health and wellness programs, and spending accounts. We already have integrations with multiple programs and are able to support other integrations with other third party programs as well as your in-house ones.

Q7. How much does the Employer Engagement Solution cost?

We charge on a Per Employee Per Month (PEPM) basis, that covers platform access fees, concierge services, and care navigation and advocacy services. Customers have the option of adding health and wellness programs and other additional modules at an extra cost.

Q8. Do you guarantee any ROI?

While we don’t guarantee any ROI, we have driven significant cost savings (cumulatively ~ 5% totaling over $400mn) for our provider organizations customers, representing an 18X ROI for them. We are excited to work with you to bend the cost curve for your organization too!

Q9. How long does it take to implement this solution?

We can fully implement our solution in as few as 90 days. Talk to us about your requirements.

The Solution that Elevates the Employee Experience

Innovaccer brings together employee well-being, engagement, benefits management and communications solutions at a single place. Move towards a simplified solution that enables simplified navigation for your employees through third-party integrations with top vendors.

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