Your Road to Success in

Managed Medicaid Contracts

Fulfill annual risk-adjusted, total cost-of-care targets for Medicaid
patients under value-based contracts. With Innovaccer’s Medicaid
Management solution, maximize contract performance by improving
quality & SDoH outcomes, decreasing unnecessary utilization, and
increasing member engagement.


Technology committed to helping providers & patients for effective care delivery

SDOH Referrals
MCO reporting
Behavioral health workflows
Intuitive Platform
Overcoming the Challenges of the Medicaid Managed Care Market With the FHIRⓇ-Enabled Data Activation Platform
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Understand unique patient needs of your Medicaid population
Comprehend the unique social needs of your medicaid population and look beyond clinical data and proactively identify and address the applicable social determinants of health (SDOH)
  • Identify high-risk members using our proprietary SDoH risk assessment algorithm
  • Build individualized care plans for each patient based on their risk profile
  • Refer and enroll Medicaid patients in vetted community resources
  • Drive targeted care management programs around hypertension, obesity, diabetes, asthma, and other chronic conditions
Improve Quality with Actionable Insights
Access actionable, data-driven insights to improve care delivery. Close quality gaps and improve performance and patient outcomes.
  • Create dashboards to track quality metrics as mandated by MCOs
  • Report quality outcomes to the state / MCOs with a flexible reporting module
  • Produce standardized reports that support the required documentation
  • Launch targeted mass outreach campaigns to bring in patients for preventive visits or screenings
Educate & Engage Patients to Drive Outcomes
Boost patient satisfaction by providing them with what they need on their own terms and schedule. Execute automated outreach programs that help keep patients focused on improving their own health outcomes.
  • Organize campaigns to promote adherence to regular primary care checkups, AWVs, and screening recommendations
  • Target interventions to manage patients with chronic conditions and ongoing complex care needs
  • Help members to utilize on-demand mobile-based educational materials per their needs and preferences
  • Make lab and test results, visit notes, and medical records accessible to patients through an easy to use and intuitive app
Leverage Best-in-Class Cost Management Tools
Take your cost management initiatives to the next level. Drive improved outcomes with enhanced utilization and network management workflows
  • Leverage drilled-down insights into ED visits, SNF, IP, Lab, Pharmacy, High-Tech Imaging utilization
  • Identify gaps in care and track provider referral trends to prevent network leakages
  • Triage, evaluate, and schedule virtual visits to keep the costs of managing patients down while keeping satisfaction high
  • Use advanced analytics to increase evidence-based treatment and generic drug utilization to lower pharmacy spend
Enhance Population Health Outcomes with Data & Analytics
Reduce data silos and develop unified patient records that include clinical and non-clinical data to gain a comprehensive view of the Medicaid population. Leverage analytical capabilities to create personalized care plans and improve outcomes
  • Understand drivers of financial performance (risk, quality scores, cost, etc.) at the contract level and take timely actions
  • Bring together data from claims, clinical settings, community-based organizations, outside patient records, specialist visits, behavioral health agencies, and other third parties
  • Use industry-standard or custom risk models to stratify your patient base and monitor outcomes
  • Manage patients with complex medical conditions using point-of-care insights and analytics
Transform your performance in managed
medicaid programs!