Improved Medicaid Performance To Boost Health Outcomes

Leverage improved data access, quality, and analytics-backed insights driven by Innovaccer solutions. Fulfill priority quality, cost, revenue, satisfaction, and compliance objectives.

Research Paper

Role of Social Determinants of Health in Care Outcomes

Social determinants of health (SDoH) have recently emerged as a key focus-- recent studies have shown that up to 80% of care outcomes are driven by non-clinical factors. This paper characterizes SDoH impact and delves into how a social vulnerability index can be used to derive critical insights and drive SDoH interventions.

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Learn how you can manage increased medicaid enrollment and deliver efficient care with a FHIR-Enabled Data Activation Platform

Globally, the number of people known to have contracted COVID-19 is growing rapidly, with the highest number of affected individuals in the U.S. This Whitepaper covers the opportunities and challenges of State Medicaid agencies, Managed Care Organizations and providers caring for Medicaid populations. Learn the strategies to make the best out of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic situation.

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Driving Sustained Performance

We deliver a suite of solutions designed to work with your existing workflows and systems in meeting your most pressing Medicaid challenges.
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