The Single Data System

To Empower Medicare Advantage Plans

Deliver better performance and better patient experience with greater efficiency, and ensure healthier patients and increased profits.

FHIR-ready APIs
Holistic patient-360 profiles
Provider performance analytics
Automated workflows
Point-of-care alerts


Improve Star ratings

Keep your providers’ quality performance in check with data-driven insights, risk stratify members, and improve Star ratings for your plan.

  • Drilled-down analytics to view overall performance
  • Risk stratify members and track their utilization trends
  • Reporting and value demonstration on HEDIS and Star measures

Enable Network-Wide Interoperability

Align your organization with TEFCA guidelines and enable an information superhighway for your network, with secure and scalable MA

  • Enable real-time data access across the network
  • Secure data exchange across disparate sources
  • Federally recognized standards for data sharing

Engage providers and members

Build patient-centered care plans and keep the providers and members engaged

  • Point-of-care alerts for providers to track patient journey from enrollment to gaps in care
  • Dynamic care plans for members
  • Proactively outreach to engage members
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Learn how a Puerto Rico-based leading healthcare information technology company was able to increase Star ratings for their MA plan from 3.5 to 4.5 by integrating their disparate data sources and streamlining their approach to closing gaps in care.

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The New Era of Medicare Advantage: How Health Plans Need To Step Up Their Game

The shift of healthcare from volume to value-based care doesn’t look like it’s going to stop anytime soon. Based on the fact sheet released by the CMS a few days back, an exhaustive list of Medicare Advantage health plans innovation will be tested in the Value-based Insurance Design (VBID) model for the CY2020 application period.

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Find out how Inmediata Health Integrated Solutions improved its Star Rating by leveraging Innovaccer's Data Activation Platform to raise the bar of care delivery, patient experience and health outcomes.

The Single Data System That Delivers More from Your Medicare Advantage Plan.