Accelerating innovation for Medtech organizations

Our technology helps bring digital solutions at the intersection of life sciences
and healthcare fast to market and faster to value.

The Innovaccer Health Cloud for Medtech
Drive success by connecting your ecosystem to a cloud that's
designed to power the future of healthcare.

The ideal partner for Medtech organizations

Partner with Innovaccer to improve patient outcomes and reduce the cost of
care through innovation at the intersection of devices, providers, and
patients. Innovaccer’s solution suite can be customized to fit your business

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Superior Data Management

Leverage our deep healthcare expertise and multiple native integrations to enhance your healthcare data management.

Easier Data Linking

Seamlessly link device data with the patient records and hospital operations to drive additional value and benefits.

Insight Generation

Activate connected device data to generate clinical, financial, and operational insights and help providers make decisions about care.

Provider Data Enablement

Enable providers to monitor patient data and act on evidence to improve outcomes through the care journey.

App Development

Easily build custom apps with our Innovaccer toolkit to meet strategic business needs.

Key pillars to our vision

Fast to Market, Faster time to
Leverage our deep healthcare
expertise and native integrations
with healthcare data.
Connect Device-Provider-
Link device data to the patient
record and hospital operations for
extra operational value.
Activate Data and Generate
Link and activate connected device
data to generate clinical, financial,
and operational insights.

Partner with us to reduce development
costs and accelerate time to value

80+ EHR integrations and 3,000+ health data connectors for interoperability
Trusted by 50+ healthcare organizations and 37,000 providers
Ready to deploy apps for provider, care team, and patient engagement
Resilient platform with an open architecture to enable aligning to future regulations and data standards
Innovaccer Overview - Data Activation Platform
Data Curation and Enrichment: Tools to improve the healthcare ecosystem

Activate your vision for a healthier world

Join other healthcare leaders in building the future of
health on the Innovaccer Health Cloud.