Transform your operating rooms

Operating rooms are a key source of revenue for health systems. Innovaccer’s intraoperative solution helps your perioperative leaders derive meaningful insights from data, make them actionable within user workflows and transform the way you operate your operating rooms

Create a Powerful Foundation to optimize your operating room performance
Track variance in care
and costs across surgeons
for similar surgeries
Optimize OR block
and open times and
improve primetime utilization
Measure and lower
turnaround times and
Deliver an exceptional
patient and physician experience with insights on
patient flow and process improvements

Establish a robust data foundation

  • Connect and manage integrations to clinical, claims, labs, and other healthcare data sources onto our advanced FHIR platform

  • Pre-built Interfaces with out-of-the-box integrations to all major IT vendors to manage your data aggregation needs

  • AI enabled master patient index to identify patient data uniquely across data sources

  • Robust unified data model to organize patient data from disparate sources into a single longitudinal view

  • Data security and authorization system to control access to the platform's data/p>

Transform data into insights

  • Leverage the measure builder module to transform aggregated data into meaningful, actionable insights

  • Utilize our 800+ analytical enrichments to clinical and claims data including risk, quality, cost, utilization, and many other metrics

  • Create your own measures with a simplified end-user interface by setting your desired numerator, denominator, inclusion and exclusion criteria

  • Store and share your measures across users to improve reuse and collaboration across stakeholders

Create intuitive visualizations

  • Leverage the InGraph platform to visualize key measures into a configurable and intuitive business intelligence user interface

  • Track variance in care across surgeon, average duration of surgery, average cost per surgery and drill-down by type of surgery, patient risk profile etc

  • Improve OR efficiencies with metrics such as prime time utilization rates, turnover, delays etc and drill down to understand the root causes

  • Gamify experience across your users to make insights more contextual and actionable for your users and improve your performance metrics

Improve quality of care, patient experience and provider experience and lower cost of care with the Advanced FHIR-enabled Data Activation Platform