Talk to your patients

with breakthrough outreach management

Extend clinical care and patient interactions beyond the clinic’s four walls. Connect the way patients want to connect.


Engage. Educate. Evolve.

Don’t wait for your patients to report problems. Empower your care teams to proactively engage patients and promote healthy behaviors from the comfort of the patient’s home. Use digital technology to strengthen, not substitute the patient-provider relationship.


Reduce no-shows and cancellations


Preventive care outreach


Care gaps closure


Manage transitions of care


Chronic disease management

The 6-step patient engagement strategy to achieve the quadruple aim

Revolutionizing care delivery with the next generation of Health IT

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Capture every opportunity to connect with your patients

Efficiently communicate with your patients and keep them engaged through their preferred means of communication.

  • Automate the process of sending bulk outreach, reminders, and follow-ups
  • Leverage omnichannel and multilingual communication support
  • Gauge the social needs of patients with a library of pre-built surveys
  • Trigger outreach through patient registries instead of only EHR data

Get insights into things
that matter

Address patient pain points across the network and enable preventive care delivery. Identify, analyze, and eliminate inefficiencies your care teams face.

  • Stratify populations based on needs and organizational goals
  • Optimize quality performance with 40+ HEDIS-certified measures
  • Monitor costs and overall utilization through intuitive dashboards
  • Analyze patient responses and campaign outcomes in real-time

Close care gaps faster

Instantly address gaps in care with custom protocols and real-time updates.

  • Define custom workflows catering to specific areas of improvement
  • Stay on top of patient needs with timely escalation alerts for missed patients
  • Build specific care plans for each patient to optimize care quality
  • Ensure safe transitions of care with tools to monitor recently discharged patients
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Go beyond the conventional strategies. Be the frontrunner of patient-centric care.

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