Drive Greater Payer-Provider

To succeed in the health plan market, payers need to ensure that their members receive quality care at lower costs. They can achieve this by assisting providers in the care delivery process. Innovaccer’s Provider Engagement Hub is centered around improving payer-provider collaboration as a way to drive greater engagement at the point of care.

Facilitate provider engagement
Engaging providers and assisting them with the right tools can improve the risk and quality management metrics of a health plan. Extend engagement hub offerings, monitor engagement and establish a solid communication channel.
  • Facilitate provider onboarding (User setup, training, and management)
  • Enable seamless communication between payers and provider
  • Monitor adoption rates and outcomes on different engagement hub offerings through performance dashboards
  • Manage provider directory and remind providers to keep their information updated
  • Automate provider outreach
Enhance provider experience and
Allow to access longitudinal member profiles that provide integrated member data to develop robust treatment plans and resolve care gaps. Further, empower payers with dashboard view of provider performance.
  • Enable providers to view coding gaps and incentivize coding gap closure
  • Allow providers to place referrals through the portal and enable payers to track network leakage
  • Streamline the prior authorization process
  • Showcase dedicated dashboards to give insights into provider performance
Streamline provider-payer
To succeed in today’s healthcare ecosystem, payers and providers need to work collaboratively to improve member experience and outcomes. This solution also tackles foundational interactions that are core to such collaboration
  • Facilitate a smooth channel for providers to view claims status, claim details, and other supporting information
  • Alert providers on incentives performance
  • Enable payers share receipts of payments
  • Enable provider-payer interaction such as messaging or publishing content to guide providers in form of webinars, demos, help topics and more

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