Create More Value for Members with
Care Quality Improvement

Drive improved performance with accurate and actionable data. With Innovaccer’s quality management solution, fulfill priority quality, cost, revenue, satisfaction, and compliance objectives critical to the success of your health plan.

Present quality gaps and quality
analytics to clinicians at the point
of care
Ensure care gaps closure across 250+ quality measures with a sophisticated analytics platform. Dive deep into the root of the care gaps to ensure coordinated care across the network.
  • 250+ measures to choose from, including HEDIS and Star measures
  • Rich analytics to pinpoint the gaps in care
  • Patient-centric care programs coordinated network-wide
  • Real-time analysis of the network’s quality, utilization, and expenditure
Empower members to address
quality gaps
Reach out to members with information that helps them adhere to their care plans. Improve the member experience with automated consumer-oriented outreach.
  • Outreach to get involved in annual wellness visits
  • Flag quality gaps such as screening and vaccination needs
  • Alert members within the member app / portal on outstanding visits
  • Care management programs engagement on specific needs
Leverage digital chart retrieval
for clinical data access
Switch to automated, cost-effective chart retrievals with Innovaccer’s solution suite and address gaps in care efficiently.
  • Improved availability and quality of supplemental data
  • Access to sophisticated quality gap analytics and subsequent improvement in downstream provider and member engagement
  • Enable various payer team members (eg.. care managers, UM nurses) to undertake clinical chart reviews
Track quality performance over time
Health plans need to evaluate the quality of care delivered to ensure sustained enrollments. Access dashboard view of provider performance to measure improvements made over time and identify setbacks if any.
  • Real-time analysis of the network’s quality, utilization, and expenditure
  • Track performance with overview dashboards and individual provider scorecards
  • Build flexible and collaborative workflows

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