A digital integrator
to supercharge

care delivery

The technological backbone to power seamless insights for patient-centered, comprehensive, coordinated, care delivery across your network.

The technology your teams need
The care your patients deserve

Our motto is make everything easier, our goal is to make your people more valuable. Equip your value based care teams with a platform that boosts patient-centered care delivery and drives coordination across key stakeholders. Reduce friction for your patients. Measure and enable interactions in ‘minutes’, not ‘months.’ Your value story is now within reach.


Patient 360 insights

Point of care augmented decision support based on fresh and comprehensive data from clinical, claims and nonclinical sources


Automation reduces waste

Proven time back for care managers working to eliminate care gaps


Automated care outreach

Schedule and automate bulk outreach campaigns, or personalized patient reminders saving precious hours for your care teams


Drilled-down network analytics

Predict, identify, analyze, and personalize your reporting based practice and network needs with embedded advanced analytics


Breakthrough analytics to guide your practice towards efficient patient care

With InGraph‘s machine learning-based predictive models, you get more than just relevant data. InGraph accesses a wide array of embedded analytics to identify, analyze, and eliminate the bottlenecks your care teams face, saving both time and resources. Access multiple customizable views to stratify patients, track population clinical and social risk, and monitor care gaps.

  • Evaluate the health of your populations
  • Enable up to 60 targeted interventions to stratify populations
  • Leverage Social Vulnerability Indices (SVI) to evaluate the risk of Social Determinants of Health on your patients
  • Select from a spectrum of 800+ measures and unlimited patient and disease registries

Close care gaps faster with revolutionary care management

With InCare, switch from complicated EHRs and Excel spreadsheets to automated care delivery that frees up your time, and boosts your clinical and financial outcomes. Stay on top of the needs of your patients and empower your teams with capabilities that will save them both time and effort, and drive attention to the most needful.

  • Comprehensive Patient-360 profiles
  • Utilize built-in assessments and care protocols
  • Build patient-centric dynamic care plans
  • Base your workflow on accurate gaps in care data

Capture every opportunity to connect with your patients

InConnect ensures that patients stay connected via their preferred communication channels. Schedule bulk campaigns and keep patients engaged inside and outside the four walls of your practice.

  • Automated cohort builder for bulk outreach and follow-ups
  • Appointment reminders for identified cohorts
  • Multilingual support to support your diverse patient population