Reevaluating strategies for creating a sustainable pediatric care organization

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Transforming pediatric care with the

information superhighway

Understanding kids, their health, and their care journey is foundational to pediatric care. With over 98% accuracy, Innovaccer’s Data Activation Platform assists you in ensuring that every newborn has unique IDs and that there are no duplicate records.

Whether it is a daycare, hospital, or patient’s home, integrate all of your data to one place.


Family-centered care


Robust patient matching algorithm


Proactive alerts for immunization


High-risk patient triaging


Location - agnostic care


Ensure that every child receives the proper care that they deserve

Empower your teams with capabilities that will save them both time and effort, and drive attention to the most needful. Stay on top of the needs of your patients.

  • Alerts for missed immunizations or appointments
  • Built-in assessments and care protocols
  • Automated worklists to support care plans

Understand your network and your pediatric population

Keep a close eye on your performances and the areas where you can improve. Stay on top of any new development anywhere across your network with real-time alerts.

  • 40+ HEDIS-certified pediatric measures
  • 70+ quality, utilization and cost measures
  • Real-time analysis of ED utilization

Engage your physicians
the way it was meant to be

InNote brings a full view of the patient right to the moment of care. Ensure that your physicians are truly informed about their patients without them having to put in too much effort.

  • Insights in the moment of care
  • Actionable information at your fingertips
  • Real-time tracking of care gaps

Keep your patients and their families engaged at all times

Give power to your patients and their families by educating them on their health and community resources. Stay connected with your patients and their families 24/7 through a virtual huddle.

  • Automated patient outreach and triaging
  • “Care Team Huddle” app for instant messaging
  • Real-time tracking of care gaps

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