Enhanced Surgical Outcomes

for Health Systems

Leverage a robust Care as One framework powered by a
FHIR® Healthcare Data Platform to redefine surgery
planning with meaningful insights that lead the way to
optimized costs and improved outcomes.


A 360-degree approach to meet
your goals.

Minimize Length of
Stay (LOS)
Reduce morbidity
Lower readmission rates
and cost of care
Enhance patient
satisfaction score
Maximize the impact of your pre-surgical optimization efforts
  • Estimate cost of care for your patients using ML algorithms on your past EMR and claims data.
  • Stratify and prioritize high-risk patients.
  • Facilitate auto-assignment of patient to the right case manager using our smart rule engine.
Streamline augmented workflows for case managers
  • Organize clinical information across various data sources to provide a complete view of your patients to your case managers.
  • Streamline case managers’ workflows by organizing all their case management activities within a single worklist .
  • Embed pre-built care protocols within workflows to standardize the optimization process.
Generate contextual insights for your providers
  • Deliver contextual insights from your care management solution to physician’s point of care.
  • Deliver insights to physicians within their workflow to improve usability without EMR integration.
  • Facilitate in-workflow communication for physicians and care managers.
Increase program revenue with ROI framework
  • Quantify the impact of your pre-surgical optimization initiatives using our sensitivity analysis tool and ROI framework.
  • Track your ROI in near real-time with insights on reduced readmissions, length of stay and avoidable ED visits.
  • Measure the impact of your initiatives by measuring your value levers against comparable data cohorts.