Boost Your Health Plan
Outcomes by Engaging
Providers at the

Point of Care

Explore a novel, in-workflow approach that enables cost-effective care delivery at the point of care without any EHR integration dependencies.


Increased closure of coding and quality gaps


Actionable care insights at the point-of-care


Real-time referrals integrated into provider workflows


Empowered providers engaging with care management interventions


Streamlined prior authorizations from initial submission to final decision


Closing Coding And Care Gaps In Real Time

Encourage care delivery excellence within your provider network by leveraging technology to close coding and quality gaps and improve plan performance (e.g., risk revenues, Star ratings, HEDIS measures).

  • Detailed supporting evidence (diagnoses, medications, lab results) for Hierarchical Condition Categories (HCC) coding gaps
  • Quality gaps delivered in the exam room to unlock improved patient care
  • Dashboards to track gaps in performance in aggregate paired with provider scorecards for performance vs. peers views

Accessing Valuable Insights Right At The Point Of Care

Empower physicians and medical assistants at the point of care with actionable, data-driven insights not available in their EHRs to improve care delivery.

  • Longitudinal care insights across all encounters and procedures
  • Synchronized with daily schedules-- always available in the exam room
  • Connectivity with the entire care team: physicians to extended ancillary staff

Empowering Providers
Engaging With Care
Management Interventions

Move towards more frictionless care journeys with improved care coordination between your care managers and providers. Empower provider involvement with shared care aims.

  • Detailed care plans including opportunities for provider engagement
  • Social determinants of health (SDoH) insights and interventions
  • In-progress and completed assessments and member education programs

Enabling Realtime Referrals With Smarter Provider Workflows

Facilitate streamlined member referrals for your providers at the point-of-care. Reduce member out-of-pocket costs and network leakage rates, and unlock real-time referrals scheduling and appointment follow-up.

  • Initiate referrals at the point-of-care with real-time scheduling
  • Reduce out-of-network leakage rates and unlock lower member out-of-pocket costs for specialist visits
  • Track and support referral performance at each step from referral placement to completion

Streamlining Prior
Authorizations From Initial Submission To Final Decision

Improve your provider network’s experience with point of care prior auth interface to submit requests, respond to follow-ups, and track decisions. Achieve operational efficiency with more streamlined review processes and automated recommendations for your UM team.

  • Pre-loaded member demographics and insurance details to facilitate prior auth request submissions
  • Dynamic logic to ensure key values needed for a prior auth decision are submitted along with clinical documentation
  • Dashboard views for providers to manage workflows and track the status of requests

Learn how Innovaccer assisted the physicians at Inmediata Health Integrated Solutions by automating their workflows and analyzing their patient data to identify and close the gaps in care.

Drive cost-effective care delivery
at the point of care

Ecosystem of
Offerings To Meet
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Innovaccer focuses on driving more collaboration and connectivity among payer, provider, and member stakeholders-- a truly virtuous cycle of aligned incentives and performance. Our provider point of care solution suite is just one approach to holistically meeting payer needs.

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