provider referral management

for better connectivity and outcomes

An intelligent solution for healthcare providers that helps in reducing network leakages and improves the quality of care. With Innovaccer’s referral management solution enhance scheduling, and ensure patient follow-throughs on integrated workflows.

referral management

Ensure The Continuity In Care For Patients By Easily Scheduling The Right Referrals


Reduce network leakage

Increase in-network referrals for most coordinated, effective patient care


Track physician rankings and performance

Monitor provider performance across key metrics such as quality of care, cost, and more


Improve the quality of care

Keep care transitions with high-performing providers in-network


Access insights within the EHR

Get relevant information at the point of care in real time by integrating directly with the EHR and PMS


Increase operational efficiency

Schedule and execute referrals seamlessly through flexible and efficient workflows.


Increase operational efficiency

Schedule and execute referrals seamlessly through flexible and efficient workflows.

Value-Lever Assessment for Better Outcomes at a Managed Services Organization

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Out with data silos,

In with Data Activation Platform

Get the big picture of your network and patients like never before. The Data Activation Platform assists you in ensuring that you have all the right information about your patient to make the best referral across the network.

referral management

Build your perfect network
of preferred specialists easily

Get an effective tiering platform that allows you to rank specialists on the basis of prioritization, cost, quality-based provider sorting, and facilitate a seamless point-of-care referral system by building your personalized specialist network.

  • Create custom specialty prioritization hierarchy
  • Rank specialists based on their performance
  • Consider varied measures like geography, predicted costs, insurance network, and CMS network adequacy constraints
  • Transfer the preferred specialist list to your existing solution
  • Email the provider's office to set up specialist appointments
referral management
referral management

Initiate referral at the point-of-care without any hassle

Eliminate the hassle of manually managing the referrals. InNote surfaces the point-of-care insights about the patient and enables providers to conduct the best referrals.

  • Referral appointments in real-time within your system
  • Search functionality based on key parameters like proximity, insurance coverage, referral type
  • Patient-level tracking to view the progress of referral journey
  • Insights around the cost and quality of specialists
  • Zero duplicates
referral management

Automate all your manual efforts to spend more time with your patients

Reduce manual efforts and focus on your patients, while InCare handles everything else. With InCare, bring all your referral information at your disposal at the most important time: the moment of care.

  • Track every referral at the facility level
  • Process and schedule referrals using workflows
  • Get point-of-care alerts on gaps and risks
  • Automate referral priority based on worklists
  • Reduce the turnaround time for escalations
referral management
referral management

A rich spectrum of analyses at your fingertips

With InGraph, you can track any referral and appointment, reduce system inefficiencies, and enhance appointment adherence- all of these in just a few clicks.

  • Monitor adherence to appointments and medication
  • Track network performance using a variety of success metrics
  • Track referrals in real time with interactive dashboards
  • Reduce network leakages with in-depth referral analysis
referral management

Effectively engage and communicate with your patients

InConnect assists your patients adhere to the referral by creating a two-way communication channel, simplifying the follow-up procedure for appointments with the patients.

  • Automatically remind patients of appointments
  • Develop educational content library for patients
  • Develop a closed feedback loop
referral management

The leading referral management solution that cares for your patients, providers, and network