Advanced Remote Patient Monitoring

Unbounded, Collaborative Care

Delivery beyond your Hospital

Track your patient’s health at home to boost post-acute care outcomes and reduce the 30-day readmission rate with Innovaccer’s Care as One framework


Leading digital care capabilities for transitional care and chronic condition management.

Know your high-risk patients
Connect within seconds
Track patient health on one screen and take action
Streamline care coordination
Improve the quality of care and reduce readmission rates

Comply with Regulatory API Requirements
  • Leverage automated outreach and share resources to address patient needs during and post a virtual visit
  • Identify the non-clinical needs of your patients and connect with appropriate community resources
  • Collect key insights on team productivity and the effectiveness of care plans for enhanced workforce planning
Enhance virtual care capabilities for robust patient engagement
  • Monitor patient data through multiple-screens to deliver coordinated care
  • Manage patients with chronic conditions and provide remote monthly CCM service with or without a face-to-face encounter
  • Empower your patients to seek care through simplified care navigation and recreate the in-person visit
Leverage holistic care management
  • Excel at chronic care management with augmented and streamlined workflows
  • Stratify high-risk patients with carefully designed SDoH assessments
  • Experience effortless RPM hardware integration
Leverage state-of-the-art analytics to drive impactful decisions
  • Measure the quality of initiatives using cost and quality dashboards for a holistic view of hospital performance
  • Stratify high-risk patients and make necessary interventions to reduce avoidable ED visits
  • Manage resources and enable necessary interventions by monitoring network performance in real-time
  • Gather case assignment and telehealth management reports to optimize the gaps in care
Reduce Readmissions and Improve Patient Adherence with Advanced Remote Patient Monitoring