Augmenting virtual care

with Remote Patient Monitoring

COVID-19 is permanently changing the way you care for your patients. Irrespective of where you are in your RPM journey, there is an immediate need to augment your capabilities. Innovaccer can help you fill the missing gaps and realize measurable value from your RPM program.


Minimize displacement and maximize outcomes by tailoring our modular offering to your current needs

Embedded Intelligence at every step
Omni-channel Patient engagement
Device agnostic technology platform
Extensive device ecosystem
Care management as a service
Smart billing workflows

Keep your patient at the center

We believe that one-size does not fit them all. Allow your patients to choose from a wide range of options ranging from personal medical devices, personal health devices, and remote patient monitoring devices and let our smart workflows connect them all to your care managers

  • Ensure continuous monitoring by integrating real-time data from the device of your choice directly into care management workflows
  • Empower your patients to seek care through simplified care navigation and recreate the in-person visit
  • Manage your chronic disease and acute care population better with pre-built care management strategies
Boost your efficiency

From auto-identifying your high risk patients, to delivering crucial alerts, to realizing revenues, leverage our embedded intelligence to improve productivity of your workforce and improve outcomes from your RPM program

  • Personalize the solution according to your organization’s needs using the robust administrative portal
  • Measure the performance of campaigns and initiatives using cost and quality dashboards for a holistic view
  • Reallocate physician hours to attend to more urgent patient cases that require proactive diagnosis, treatment and management
  • Get insights on team productivity and the effectiveness of care plans for enhanced workforce planning
Standardize your care management

Leverage our standard pathways or configure your own care pathways to manage chronic conditions. Use dynamic tasks to interpret device data and surface real time alerts to improve responsiveness

  • Identify your at-risk and non-compliant patients based on risk scores and disease conditions
  • Stratify high-risk patients on dashboards with pre-built rules and carefully designed SDoH assessments
  • Alert care managers on new patient logged data, fluctuations in physiological parameters and more to take better care of patients
  • Leverage our connected platform to dynamically create care teams for new patients and empower care managers to manage patients remotely
  • Yet to establish your care management team? Talk to our partners and explore end-to-end care management as a service
Deliver an exceptional patient experience

Supplement insights from medical devices with an omnichannel patient engagement strategy including programmatic outreaches, remote assessment administration, SMS-based interactions, voice calls and video calls to tailor your engagement strategy to each patient based on their preferences

  • Measure the quality of initiatives using cost and quality dashboards for a holistic view of hospital performance
  • Improve patient experience with automated outreach, app-less video visits and patient-provider chat
  • Share relevant communication, education material and care plans to drive patient health ownership
Maximize your value

Track key metrics like avoidable ED visits, Readmission rates and quantify the value of your RPM program in real time. Drill down to identify trends, opportunities and effect positive interventions to your RPM program. Measure the impact of your interventions at your fingertips

  • Track total episode or post-discharge cost per monitored patient to manage costs
  • Track your patient enrollment, number of touch points and ROI from your RPM program in a single place
  • Access real-time analytics to measure variance in adoption across providers and care coordinators
Supercharged by our deep technology collaborations