Build a Smart Health System with Integrated Care

Create a more cost-effective connected health system powered by unified patient records and analytics delivered to the point of care


The Complete Suite of Solutions for the Smart Health System

Data Activation

Move beyond Data Silos and Unleash the Power of Integrated Data

  • Unified Patient Records
    Aggregate, integrate, and archive data from multiple sources into a single platform and unlock the true power of data.
  • API-based Data Access
    Create unified patient records accessible across payer-provider walls with the most exhaustive FHIR-ready, “golden record” based APIs.
  • Simplified Reporting
    Access an extensive library of standard and custom-built reports to draw insights and ease the burden of reporting on users.
Deep Insights

Powerful Data Science at your Service

  • AI Powered Insights
    Use intelligent insights powered by Innovaccer’s Data Activation Platform to reduce costs and efficiently coordinate care.
  • Extensive Measure Library
    Leverage an off-the-shelf library of measures to track your performance and address payer and contract requirements.
  • Customized Development
    Get deep insights into your performance with customized models built by our expert team of data scientists.
Action Hub

Intelligent Solutions to Improve Efficiency

  • Intuitive Visualizations
    Enable seamless navigation of a patient’s journey with dynamic dashboards. Use powerful visualizations that can be integrated into your workflow – free your staff from having to create their visualizations.
  • Relevant Insights
    Personalized user experience with role and location-specific information ensuring that the right data is provided to the right stakeholder at the right time.
  • Workflow-friendly Hubs
    Access AI-assisted platform-neutral, fully configurable action hubs that blend into your existing technology and care workflows.
AI Assisted Workflows

Automated and Intelligent Workflows for a Smarter health system

  • Intelligent workflows
    Access AI-powered workflows, designed by clinicians, to deliver contextual information to providers without additional clicks or manual steps.
  • No ‘rip-and-replace’
    Avoid expensive infrastructure replacement- our solutions sit on top of your existing solutions and are completely integrated.
  • Highly efficient
    Transform your work processes with simplified interventions, reduced documentation time, and get the right information at the right time.

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Bundled Payments

Select the most profitable bundles for your hospital and monitor your performance with scenario testing and insights on ROI and care gaps.

Referral Management

Build the perfect chain of preferred specialists for high-quality care and track network referral performance at your fingertips.

Data Archival

Leverage the fastest data integration platform for enhanced care experience. Lower your querying efforts and export data in a wide range of formats.

Transition into the World of Smart health systems with Us!