Goa Ministry of Health introduces its App to fight Coronavirus

India’s First Automated Self-evaluation
Assessment to Identify At-Risk Patients for


Combating novel Coronavirus in India with the right technology and human support

Directorate of Health Services, Government of Goa partnered with Innovaccer to launch India’s first digital initiative to tackle novel Coronavirus and assist patients in identifying their next steps to stay safe from the COVID-19 virus.
The partnership with Innovaccer is one of the critical elements in our government’s strategy to address the COVID-19 pandemic in the state of Goa and the nation. We are proud to become the first state in India to adopt technology solutions to tackle Coronavirus. However, we understand that this technology is limited to triaging people at risk. We appeal to our citizens to stay informed and take the necessary measures to stay healthy.
Vishwajit Rane
Minister of Health, Government of Goa
Innovaccer has been on a mission to connect healthcare and bring all of the stakeholders together to care as one. That mission holds true now more than ever. It’s an honour to work with the government of Goa and launch India’s first automated self-evaluation assessment to tackle the COVID-19 virus. We are optimistic that this partnership will play a key role in curbing this pandemic and keeping citizens safe.
Abhinav Shashank
Chief Executive Officer, Innovaccer, Inc

Advanced Solution to Stop the Coronavirus


Self Evaluate Your Risk with Automated Assessments

With automated and evidence-based self-assessment, identify your risk of contracting the COVID-19 virus. Get your real-time evaluation by analyzing simple details such as patients’ travel history, chronic conditions and more.

Combat Panic with Education and Empathy

Empower yourself with the right education materials such as prevention guidelines, steps that they need to take in quarantine and other information from the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW) to reduce panic and chances of getting affected by the virus.

Identify the best course of action based on the Results

Understand and take the most relevant action based on the results obtained. With the solution, you can get information on the quarantine facilities or find list of doctors available nearby or connect to helpline.