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Becoming a Unicorn

This year, we entered the much-coveted Unicorn Club and did it faster than most others. However, there’s more to our story than this milestone
We aren’t just the fastest-growing Unicorn of the Indian subcontinent. We are the world’s most impactful technology company saving millions of lives.
The Innovaccer Health Cloud delivers a managed infrastructure and developer-ready platform for thousands of care teams across the globe.


The Innovaccer Story



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At Innovaccer, we go beyond the ordinary. Taking on new challenges head-on and building impactful solutions is a part of our work culture. We preserve a strong sense of ownership and integrity in everything we do.
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A peak into our culture code

This is what makes Innovaccer special, we learn everyday on what makes us special. This is our attempt to write down a shared view of who we are.

Bias for action
Execution is way more valuable than words. A winning outcome on a slide is the most powerful slide.

Don't just work hard, don't just be smart. Get stuff done!

Mistakes happen. Embrace them. Correct them quickly, and move on. No one is perfect.
Disagree and commit
Trust in every relationship has to be earned, give/deliver first, then ask.

If you work with smart people, there are bound to be differing opinions despite shared goals. Go into a room, disagree vehemently and then come out of it with a commitment to one path.

Once committed, follow the path wholeheartedly, even if you disagree.
Do what's right
Everything that you produce–a line of code, an excel sheet, a design, a piece of content, or a presentation–shouldn’t be sent out until you know it is right (not perfect – right)

Believe that you have the power to change everything. If it's right and it's not being done, then do everything in your power to change it. More often than not you will be pleasantly surprised.
Do what’s best
Keep constantly striving for more. The “know it alls” will soon know nothing.

If you do something, try to be the best in the world at it–It's a really good feeling!

If you hire someone who is not better than you, you are already on the downward path.
Humility and empathy
When you succeed, be proud - don’t be arrogant. If you are humble everyone wants you to succeed.

Don't escalate unnecessarily. If you don't like something, build the courage to go to that person and tell them. More often than not you will be pleasantly surprised.

Convey bad news first and fast. It prepares everyone around you with enough time to fix it and win.
Teams over individuals
Before winning the championship, you need to win games, before winning games, you need to win points. Keep continuous forward momentum. Eventually, you will win the championship.

Do what's best for the team and the team will reciprocate. No one likes the selfish one.
Partners to our customers
When working with customers, learn and collaborate - Do not act “Holier than thou” - If you disagree with something, that’s fine too - Do the work to help them understand how we can achieve the same goals in a better way. We love collaborative peers who want us to succeed so do our customers.