Healthcare’s Grand Transformation
with Primary Care

The revolution to create better healthcare has primary care at its heart. Learn all about building a smarter practice and delivering outstanding care to your patients.

About the Webinar

Primary care physicians are the driving force of healthcare transformation, and this webinar will outline a proven strategy to enhance primary care proactively. With Dr. Paul Grundy, "Godfather" of the Patient-Centered Medical Home and
Dr. David Nace, CMO Innovaccer, the webinar will detail the key levers for primary care, enhanced patient experiences, and improved outcomes.

You will learn

  • The evolving role of primary care in the US healthcare
  • Major factors governing the success of primary care
  • How to take on more accountability for patients' health & coordinate better care
  • Leverage technology to improve outcomes and empower patients

About the Speakers

Dr. Paul Grundy is the ‘Godfather’ of Patient-Centered Medical Home revolution, a Distinguished Fellow at Innovaccer, and the Global Director of Healthcare Transformation at HealthTeamWorks. Dr. Paul is the Founding President of the Patient-Centered Primary Care Collaborative (PCPCC), an Ambassador of Healthcare DENMARK, an honorary member of the National Association of Primary Care, UK and the first international member of the Irish National Association of General Practice.

David Nace, MD

Chief Medical Officer
Innovaccer Inc.

Physician executive with over 20 years of senior management experience in large healthcare systems, payer health plans, leading healthcare providers and health information technology organizations with strong collaborative and cross-functional leadership skills.