3 Ways in which Abu Dhabi Global Healthcare Week is Poised to Accelerate the Future of Global Healthcare

Akhter Hemayoun Mubarki
24 April 2024
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For those dedicated to the advancement of healthcare innovation, the Abu Dhabi Global Healthcare Week (ADGHW), proudly presented by the Department of Health (DOH) Abu Dhabi emerges as a beacon of progress. The event stands out as a prime example of the DOH's commitment to leading healthcare innovation in the region. The DOH, as the leading healthcare regulator in the UAE, is known for implementing visionary policies, regulating and licensing healthcare providers, delivering public health initiatives, and championing various awareness campaigns.

The flagship event, orchestrated by DMG events and set to take place at the ADNEC in Abu Dhabi from May 13th to 15th, aims to serve as a global nexus, fostering open dialogue and collective action towards a healthier future. I am delighted to share that Innovaccer Middle East will be participating in this event as well, and I am eagerly anticipating the multitude of innovations and exciting opportunities it promises for the healthcare space. There are three compelling reasons why.

1. A One-Stop Destination For Healthcare Leaders Hosted by DOH

While the UAE is home to a multitude of forward-looking healthcare conferences and congregations, ADGHW emerges as a groundbreaking initiative by Abu Dhabi. Distinguished for its emphasis on thought leadership, this first-of-its-kind event aims to enhance global healthcare dialogue by showcasing insights from leading CEOs, healthcare authorities, and policymakers. The conference's rich agenda spans three days, dedicated to tackling current and future healthcare challenges through a blend of discussions and actionable strategies. 

It's an opportunity for over 5,000 participants, including 1,000 delegates and 100 exhibitors, to engage with the insights of 200 speakers, spread across four fundamental themes  of the conference. This unparalleled gathering is set to foster learning, collaboration, and innovation in healthcare on a global scale.

2. A Platform To Address the Most Pressing Healthcare Challenges

The conference centers around four critical pillars, each pivotal in shaping healthcare's future through innovation and transformative strategies:

  1. Personalised Health, Precision Care, and the Future of -Omics
  2. According to a recent article by PWC, today's medical practices often adopt a one-size-fits-all approach, resulting in traditional medications effectively treating only 30 to 50 percent of patients. Precision medicine, particularly genomic testing, stands out for its capacity to identify conditions early and suggest proactive interventions or lifestyle changes.

    The shift towards personalized care is underscored by advancements in technology, enabling the healthcare sector to meet individual patient needs more accurately through precision medicine and the utilization of -omics data (e.g., genomics, proteomics, and metabolomics).

    A primary focus of discussions within this pillar at the Abu Dhabi Global Healthcare Week (ADGHW) will be identifying and overcoming the financial, regulatory, and talent-related obstacles. These discussions aim to position the region as a leader in precision medicine testing, marking a significant leap toward personalized healthcare solutions.

  3. The Biotech Revolution: Prevention, Treatment, and Curing Global Disease
  4. In its recent report, the World Economic Forum emphasized the need to unlock the potential of biotech to revolutionize healthcare. Integrating biotechnology with AI and big data is pivotal in analyzing complex healthcare data to uncover deeper insights for treatment. 

    For over a decade, the Middle East has recognized biotech as a burgeoning field of opportunity. In 2021, Saudi Arabia's Revolution Foundation announced plans to dedicate up to $1 billion each year to support fundamental research on aging biology and investigate drug potential in slowing its effects. Additionally, the UAE has launched a national strategy to sequence the DNA of every Emirati, underpins a national strategy for personalized medical care, potentially leading to innovative treatments for diseases like cancer and diabetes. 

    I look forward to engaging in discussions on the partnerships and investments driving biotech progress in the region.

  5. The Power of Data and Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare
  6. The momentum around AI in healthcare has accelerated, even more so since 2022, with the sector embracing AI to improve outcomes.

    PWC in its latest publication, mentioned that that the Middle East will account for 2% of the worldwide benefits of AI by 2030, amounting to approximately US$320 billion, with healthcare being one of the key sectors to witness AI investment and spending. 

    In a commendable move, the UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHAP) also launched the first Centre of Excellence (COE) for artificial intelligence in the nation's healthcare sector, last year. The COE aims to advance health data digitization, employ smart technologies to improve healthcare services and capabilities and establish a resilient digital service ecosystem for delivering sustainable, innovative, and top-tier services to users.

    From predictive analytics for disease prevention to AI-driven diagnostics and personalized treatment, these initiatives signal a shift toward data-driven decision-making. This not only enhances operational efficiency but also establishes the Middle East as a leader in healthcare innovation, establishing new benchmarks for precision, effectiveness, and accessibility in medical services.

  7. Tech-Enabled New Models of Care

The rise of technologies such as telemedicine, wearable devices, and remote monitoring is revolutionizing healthcare service delivery and accessibility. Despite improvements in health insurance programs across various regions, gaps in the healthcare system persist. Future investments in the GCC should focus on attracting specialized clinical expertise and providing integrated care models to meet the evolving needs of patients. This necessitates a transition towards innovative value-based care models and pioneering solutions that can elevate clinical outcomes and cultivate trust within the healthcare ecosystem.

These advanced models, supported by AI and data analytics, promise predictive and preventive care, enhancing patient outcomes, reducing hospitalizations, and improving efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

I look forward to exploring the opportunities and future of technology-enhanced healthcare with industry leaders and stakeholders at this conference.

3. A Definite Path for Healthcare AI in the Region

Among the four pillars, the potential for AI in healthcare is what excites me the most. While many initiatives are exploring the use of AI, we must establish a clear, actionable plan to leverage AI for transformative healthcare outcomes. This involves prioritizing investments, fostering collaborations, and creating a governance framework suited for implementation. Clearly defining timelines and action plans will help transition AI from a concept to a concrete reality.

I'm looking forward to collaborating with peers, colleagues, and healthcare leaders to navigate toward an AI-enhanced future in healthcare. Together, we can shape a visionary healthcare landscape.

Join Us at ADGHW 

With just three weeks remaining until the event, my anticipation grows for the wealth of insights and knowledge it promises to offer. I'm eager to meet fellow participants, exchange ideas, and explore the latest in healthcare innovation. If you haven't signed up yet, reserve your passes now. 

Visit Innovaccer Middle East’s booth #B012  to uncover the transformative potential of healthcare AI and its impact on healthcare in the Middle East, and also get a personalized demo of our AI-ML-powered health data platform. Let's come together, collaborate, and forge a path to a healthier future.


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Akhter Hemayoun Mubarki

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