Must-Attend Sessions at Abu Dhabi Global Healthcare Week (ADGHW) 2024

Shubham Mishra
Mon 10 May 2024
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Many in the industry are eagerly anticipating Abu Dhabi Global Healthcare Week (ADGHW) hosted by the Department of Health Abu Dhabi, 13-15 of May in ADNEC & ABU DHABI CITY. With over 5,000 attendees, 1000 delegates, 100 exhibitors, and 200 speakers, the event promises to be unparalleled in its exploration of the future of global healthcare.

During the three-day conference, attendees can expect a rich platform featuring insightful sessions, engaging panel discussions, and inspiring keynote presentations. While every session holds value, with my focus on healthcare AI technology, I'd like to spotlight eight key sessions on the themes of health data, AI, and fostering healthier communities, which I highly recommend attending.

  1. From Vision To Reality: Scaling Healthier Lifespans- 13 May, 2:30 pm

It would be intriguing to understand how healthcare technology and AI can facilitate healthier life spans through personalized health and precision care. During this session, Professor Andrea Meier, Lauren Dunning, Evelyne Bischof, and Professor. Shahrukh Hashmi will explore how the fields of genomics, regenerative medicine, and geroscience are reshaping the landscape of human longevity, and the profound impact of these advancements on extending lifespan and enhancing the quality of life for individuals as they age.

  1. Precision Health Powered by Data and AI- 14 May, 2:30 pm

This session led by Isaac Applbaum, Dr. Marilyn M. Li, M.D.Alex Bedenkov, Dr. Hesham A. Abdullah, Dr. Shawn Murphy, and Rizwan Tufail will explore the potential of integrating real-world data, genomics, and AI to enhance diagnostic accuracy and customized treatments to individual needs. Building upon the insights garnered from the session “From Vision To Reality: Scaling Healthier Lifespans,” this discussion promises to be engaging as they discuss the innovations and obstacles associated with developing robust AI models capable of analyzing intricate patient data while safeguarding privacy.

  1. The AI-Driven Healthcare Paradigm Shift: From Reactive to Predictive Excellence-14 May, 3:15 pm

Led by Dr. Mahmoud Alyamani, this session will outline the transformative impact of AI and data analytics on the healthcare sector, with its shift from reactive care to more predictive and proactive through analytics. The discussion will focus on strategies for healthcare practitioners to leverage AI-driven insights while exploring the implementation of individualized treatment plans, early risk identification patterns, and preventive measures tailored to meet the unique needs of each patient.

  1. Accelerating Scientific Breakthroughs: AI's Potential in R&D- 14 May, 3:35 pm

Alex Zhavoronkov, Professor César de la Fuente, Steven M. Barnard, Shan Jegatheeswaran, Jean-Paul Scheuer, and Ashish Koshy will lead this session, which offers an in-depth examination of AI-driven discovery. Topics will span from advancements in drug development to emerging fields like nanotechnology and synthetic biology. The discussion will focus on finding equilibrium among research incentives, secure access, low-risk opportunities, and a strong governance framework.

  1. Building Ethical, Trustworthy AI for Healthcare- 14 May, 4:40 pm

This panel, led by Dr. David C. Rhew, Vik Krishnan, Rich Carter, Dr. Thomas Launey, and Jihen Toumi, will explore strategies for reducing biases and enhancing transparency in healthcare AI systems. Additionally, they will discuss the importance of establishing a primary blueprint to build trust with patients. The key insights from this session will revolve around the pilot standards needed for accountability, testing, and promoting responsible innovation.

  1. Global Tech Innovations for Active and Healthy Longevity- 15 May, 11:35 pm

Dr. Nicole Sirotin, Dr. Omar Najim, Dr. Salman Rizvi, Lars Hartenstein, and Aejaz Zahid will lead this symposium, exploring whether recent innovations for the elderly promise an enriched future or merely seek to extend lifespan. The focus will be on cutting-edge software developments, encompassing advanced solutions like electronic aides, automotive gadgets, and smart home technologies, all aimed at improving quality of life and reshaping lifestyle patterns. Central to this discussion is the emphasis on nurturing social connections, managing chronic conditions, safeguarding mental well-being, promoting healthy living, and streamlining daily tasks through innovative approaches tailored to the elderly demographic.

  1. Tailored by Design: Transforming Care Through Femtech- 15 May, 12:20 pm

Embark on an enlightening conversation led by Ms. Reenita Das and Dr. Noha Salem, as they provide an in-depth exploration of Femtech's evolving healthcare innovations. Discover tailored strategies addressing women's diverse needs throughout different life stages and demographics, all geared towards improving care accessibility and quality while maintaining affordability and efficacy. A focal point of this dialogue will be the cultivation of an unbiased environment, coupled with the provision of elective access to accurate, personalized Femtech solutions.

  1. Envisioning the Hospital of the Future- 15 May, 12:40 pm

Guided by Dr. Toby Cosgrove, Mr. David Hadley, Professor Swee Chye Quek, Dr. Marcelo Malakooti, and Marwan Alkaabi, this workshop is set to explore the crucial role of data-driven strategies, predictive analysis, and accurate information in reshaping modern medical clinics. The emphasis is on cultivating patient-centric settings that deliver dynamic and precise treatments. Attendees will have the chance to explore the key elements required to promote interactive, healthy, and proactive well-being during this session.

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