Embracing Healthcare AI to Enhance the Patient Experience, Care Quality, and Outcomes

29th February 2024 at 1 p.m. GST
About the Webinar

The healthcare landscape in the Middle East is undergoing a paradigm shift with the emergence of AI and an increased focus on delivering personalized patient experiences and enhancing patient loyalty. Amid this transformative journey, organizations are facing with the pivotal question:

How can we revolutionize the patient experience, and what role can AI play in enabling this transformation?

Join our healthcare experts in an enlightening webinar on 29th February 2024 at 1 p.m. GST, as they discuss the ways in which AI is reshaping healthcare dynamics to transform patient care, enhance financial performance, improve population health, and foster improved engagement with consumers.

In this webinar, you will:
Explore how AI acts as a catalyst that enables healthcare innovation, accessibility, and decision-making.

Gain insights on enhancing patient engagement and retention by transforming patient experiences and improving 6the quality of care.

Understand how you can know your patients better with access to 360-degree profiles that combine clinical, claims, consumer, demographic, behavioral, and engagement data.

Learn how to design personalized digital experiences that are tailored for each patient, enabling them to stay engaged with their health and wellness.

Discover the tangible results of integrating AI into healthcare practices to deliver high-quality care outcomes.

Learn from the industry leading experts
Walid Abbas Zaher
Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Carexso
Akhter Hemayoun Mubarki
Head of Business and Operations, Innovaccer Middle East
Nilanjana Bhattacharyya
Senior Director, Product Strategy, Innovaccer
Pankaj Singh Bhati
Director, Growth & Strategy, Innovaccer Middle East

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