Xccelerate Healthcare Transformation with the Innovaccer Platform

Improve patient care outcomes by utilizing high-quality data, seamless data interoperability, and valuable insights


Connect and Curate Data from Multiple Sources

Aggregate data and create comprehensive and longitudinal patient records driven by AI and ML to generate real-time insights and smart analytics

Data Activation Platform

Streamline and Centralize Enterprise Data Management

Xccelerate your data transformation with interoperable solutions that deliver valuable insights for informed decision-making

Discover how our data integration platform streamlines and consolidates healthcare data, providing a single source of truth that revolutionizes care decisions and improves the patient experience.
Streamline processes for managing data and enhance the quality, governance, and lineage of the data.
Activate a FHIR-enabled Data Platform: Empower healthcare stakeholders to share data and enhance care.
Provide fully compliant and secure applications with API-powered integrations, analytics, care team engagement, and other features.

What Our Customers Say

From a strategy care management standpoint, we’ve got a full view of the patient now. We can be much more precise and quicker to act.

Derek Novak, MBA
President, Population Health Management, MercyOne PHSO
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Xccelerate Your Digital Transformation with Innovaccer

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