The Unified Healthcare Data Platform

Data can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be this way. To drive healthcare efficiency, we designed a modular suite of products for a smooth transition into a data-driven world within 4 weeks.

Healthcare Data Platform


How Mercy ACO increased its cumulative total returns by 280% in a year

"Mercy ACO now has the data we need to clinically integrate and manage over 300,000 patients in value based contracts."

Dr. David Swieskowski
President, Mercy ACO

America’s fastest growing healthcare organizations use Innovaccer.

"Our partnership with Innovaccer allows us to better accomplish our mission through the utilization of their healthcare data platform."

Christopher Crow M.D.
CEO, StratiFi Health

"By combining claims and clinical data, Innovaccer will provide UniNet the ability to produce timely reporting and actionable analytics to assist the providers to better understand and meet the needs of the patients we serve."

Ann Oasan
President, UniNet

Easy to use. More power than you can imagine.

See how moving forward with InData will help you and your team save time while delivering better patient outcomes.

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10M +

Lives Managed

Innovaccer manages over 10 million lives with top care organizations across the US.

10,000 +


More than 10,000 providers leverage our solutions at institutions, government organizations, and several corporate enterprises.

500 +


Innovaccer streamlines data integration and care delivery for over 500 practice locations.



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The platform fits right in with your existing initiatives.
It’s simple, fast, and beautiful.

Customizable Workflows

Clinical workflows your care teams have always wanted.

Secure and Compliant

Secure data transmission with HIPAA and SOC II certifications.

Two-way Interoperability

Bidirectional flow of data, to and from EHRs in desired formats from any organization.

Code-free Integration

Gain control of your data without having to write a single line of code.

Format Agnostic

Integrate all data sources into a single source of truth without worrying about data type.

Scalable Technology

Handle massive data and extend connectivity across all devices.

Case Study

Insight-driven care engagements

Read the story of Mercy ACO and how proactive initiatives helped the team implement a patient-centric approach and smoothen the transition to value-based care.

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The case for integrated care

Read the whitepaper to learn more about the challenges with healthcare data integration and solutions that assist in delivering data-driven care.

Read the whitepaper
Case study

Data-driven foundation of healthcare

Learn how a unified healthcare data platform eliminates the lack of visibility, and steers the network to accurate, patient-centric care in real time.

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