Franciscan Alliance: Delivering Comprehensive Transitional Care, Managing Polypharmacy Patients, Accurate HCC Coding, and Pre-Visit Planning with the Innovaccer Platform

Franciscan Alliance is one of the largest Catholic healthcare systems in the Midwest. Their aim has always been to deliver quality- and patient-centered care across populations including Medicare Advantage, MSSP, and commercial populations.

They were facing one of the biggest challenges that the entire healthcare industry is struggling to tackle—the rising cost of care. There were multiple reasons behind higher care costs such as preventable readmissions, inefficient care workflows, coding gaps, and manual transitional care management practices.

Franciscan Alliance partnered with Innovaccer to sort data technology that can enable end-to-end management, tracking, and assessment of their population health-driven initiatives with advanced automation across their HIT system.

In this case study, you can read how Franciscan Alliance leveraged Innovaccer’s care management solution suite to:
Unify patient data across systems—EHRs, labs, claims, and more

Access 360-degree patient profiles with complete and accurate information

Reduce readmissions across Medicare Advantage and MSSP populations

Automate transitional care workflows with smart, data-driven protocols

Improve the patient experience with personalized post-discharge care and automated alerts

Save millions in care costs with automated coding and transitional care protocols


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