Take the biggest
in healthcare
with Sara

Its a new era for healthcare one that lightens your
burden so that you can do the things you love in ways
that were never possible before.
The technology
Meet Sara, the Artificial Intelligence that's designed to bring back the joy of care
We created Sara to help automate repetitive tasks, process medial information, uncover insights, and ease access to data.
Taking good care takes time — it shouldn’t be spent on manual tasks, sifting through troves of data, or handling admin tasks. Let Sara take care of that for you
Research suggests that less than 30% of physician time is spent
with patients. Access to critical data at the right time can save lives.
96% physician leaders believe that.
Trained to understand medical knowledge
Sara is trained on a dataset of medical text and code under the guidance of medical professionals, including journals, clinical trials, and textbooks
Healthcare Concepts
Sara has the skills to help you stay focused on what matters the most to you
Your data is secure and private
– truly built for healthcare
Healthcare demands privacy, accuracy, and
security. Sara was designed to be ready for you,
your patients, and healthcare.
Data stays within our private networks
All of your data—including your user prompts, outputs, knowledge bases, clinical guidelines, and patient data never leaves our cloud.
Data is not shared with any other third party
We adhere to HIPAA, HITRUST, and SOC 2 regulations to safeguard all sensitive information.
Data is not used to train other models
It will never be used to train any other AI model but yours.
Get started
Bring Sara into your existing workflows
Sara gets integrated within your workflows to ease your digital overload
letting you do what you find most meaningful.
Innovaccer InScribe transcribes, summarizes, and analyzes your visits to give you more quality-time with patients.
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