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Configurable, Prescriptive, Essential Analytics that Accelerate Success with VBC

Innovaccer's proprietary analytics and healthcare AI models understand value-based care and clinical research, giving you essential insights that bolster financial performance and patient outcomes.

Monitor contract performance, set targets based on national/state benchmarks, and get tailored recommendations that improve performance across quality, risk, cost, and utilization.
Expand your physician network with data-driven insights, and simulate contract terms for informed, transparent discussions with payers and providers.
Use Innovaccer’s proprietary member-level Social Vulnerability Index (SVI) to design effective member outreach and engagement programs that improve outcomes.
Boost the ROI of your population health management (PHM) programs with Innovaccer’s pre-built machine learning (ML) models.
Easily build your own reports and dashboards, standardize and democratize AI/ML models, and get real-time insights without writing a single line of SQL code.
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