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It started simply enoughwith a 30-minute demo of the Innovaccer Health Cloud’s Data Activation Platform.

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It ended with exceptional patient experiences and outcomesfor Banner Health, PSW, CMHC, and other healthcare leaders.

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Schedule your 30-minute demo here and see what all the excitement is about

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Got 30 minutes?
Invest that time in what could be the ultimate answer to your organization’s data and analytics challenges.
And prepare to move beyond data silos, fragmented patient data, disjointed workflows, and incompatible point solutions with the #1 healthcare data and analytics platform, according to KLAS.
Take the first step to accelerate innovation and digital transformation with the scalable cloud data platform that can connect and power it all.
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Be the Next Healthcare Superhero
Banner Health, PSW, and CMHC didn’t arrive from Krypton. They gained their superpowers through a 30-minute demo of the Innovaccer Health Cloud’s Data Activation Platform (DAP).
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How it started:
With a 30-minute demo.
How it’s going:
Banner Health has achieved $4 million in savings from consolidating myriad population health solutions and a 70% reduction in IT infrastructure costs by moving to Innovaccer’s SaaS-based model.
There’s good reason why Innovaccer’s DAP is the #1 Data and Analytics Platform recognized by KLAS Research. It rapidly integrates data across EHRs and other IT systems and sources to create unified patient records of the highest data quality.
These longitudinal patient records power interoperable solutions, integrated workflows, point-of-care analytics, and business dashboards that accelerate digital transformation across use cases, including cloud computing, population health, revenue cycle, patient experience, clinical, and more. The result: improved clinical, financial, operational, and experiential outcomes that speak for themselves.
It Only Takes 30 Minutes to Ultimately …
Unify your patient data, regardless of EHR

Improve interoperability across health IT systems and care settings

Generate centralized, high-quality data across solutions

Create unified patient records

Connect care journeys and streamline workflows

Provide comprehensive insights and decision support at the point-of-care

Improve care management and coordination

Find and close care gaps

Drive holistic, whole-person, EQUITABLE, patient-centered care

Identify and help high-risk patients

Enhance care outcomes

Improve quality scores

Reduce readmissions

Cut IT solutions and infrastructure costs

Gain exceptional scalability

What to Expect From the 30-Minute Demo
(and longer if you like, because our experts will be there to answer all of your questions)
Experience the Best-in-KLAS Data and Analytics Platform in Action
See why KLAS Research named the Innovaccer Health Cloud’s Data Activation Platform “Best in KLAS.” Learn how our platform helps achieve the enterprise data readiness you need to drive interoperability and connected solutions, analytics, and workflows that work together, so you can address crucial use cases and improve outcomes across the board. Explore how our scalable, future-proofed foundation fuels accelerated innovation and transformation.
See How You Can Unlock the Value of Patient Data Wherever It’s Stored
Healthcare organizations struggle with patient data that’s siloed and scattered across EHRs, IT systems, and partners’ care settings. To unlock the value of patient data, it must first be unified into a longitudinal patient record that's used across connected clinical, financial, and consumer solutions and settings. We’ll show you how our Data Activation Platform cleans, standardizes, and unifies healthcare data sources—including EHR, clinical, claims, labs, pharmacy, SDoH, devices, and more—to create a single source of clinical and financial truth that unlocks the value of data across your enterprise.
Get Expert Guidance
You have questions. We have answers. Our industry-leading healthcare experts will give you all the time you need to discuss your requirements, and answer all the questions you have. There’s a reason Innovaccer is rated the #1 healthcare data and analytics platform. It’s our experts. They’re the minds behind the technology that’s accelerating innovation and digital transformation across healthcare. And they’re yours for asking for as long as you need after the demo.
Accelerate Your Digital Transformation with the Innovaccer Health Cloud