Enhance patient engagement using Healthwise’s rich content in InCare

Aakanksha Saini
Thu 07 Oct 2021
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The internet contains a lot of data, but not all of it is reliable for decision-making. In healthcare—where lives are at risk—data needs to be factual and 100% actionable.

Rising healthcare costs and the growing rates of chronic conditions mean that providers are looking to engage patients in their care journeys using digital information and communication technologies. To help care managers and coordinators educate and engage patients, we’ve integrated Healthwise content with InCare.

Evidence-based information for high-quality care

InCare’s Healthwise content integration supports providers’ efforts to engage patients with accurate, engaging, plain-language content. Care managers and coordinators can now access Healthwise’s industry-leading healthcare information directly in InCare. Healthwise content is curated with evidence-based information. In other words, it’s based on the highest level of the available evidence, clinical expertise, and patient values to help providers make informed healthcare decisions.

Complex topics made easier with text, videos, and illustrations

The integrated content is available in text, video, and illustration formats. The text-based format can vary in length. The visual formats—videos and illustrations—can engage more patients who might otherwise struggle to understand the information due to a language barrier, issues with comprehension, or simply a lack of time. Care managers can engage patients through different types of content based on the patient's preferences.

How can users access Healthwise content in InCare?

Clicking the “New” button on the left-side panel of every page opens the Healthwise content interface. Patients can simply click the button and start searching. However, providers need to authorize access before patients can view the content.

After clicking the button, the interface will be displayed without directing users to another application or page.

Discover new content with “Quick Search”

The “Quick Search” feature allows care managers to search for information on specific conditions. For instance, searching for “high cholesterol” will retrieve and display all available content (text, video, or illustrations) on the topic.

Access language support

Simply select the preferred language from the list in the top right corner of the interface. Content is currently available in English and Spanish.

Get equipped with decision-making tools

Evidence-based information can help care managers make better decisions for their patients. Tools such as “Check Your Symptoms,” “Make a Decision,” and “Learn Your Score” can help identify problems, plan the next best steps for the patient, and educate patients on their health.

Save and share content

Users can save Healthwise content in PDF format via the print option or can save a specific piece of content using advanced printing options. In one click, users are also able to share content with other stakeholders via email.

Data-driven insights for the care team

To provide high-quality care, providers need crucial data and engaging content at their fingertips. Innovaccer’s InCare solution allows care teams to design efficient workflows and care protocols—a set of tasks that need to be completed by care managers or coordinators in a given care setting. InCare gives teams complete control of their workflow and automates documentation and other redundant tasks. Providers can also access patient data to deliver personalized care for high-risk populations.

Visit our website to learn how to design efficient and data-driven workflows for your care teams.


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Aakanksha Saini
Enhance patient engagement using Healthwise’s rich content in InCare

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