How to Engage Patients in Your Network with Outreach to Improve Clinical Outcomes

Team Innovaccer
Thu 11 Feb 2021
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Patient engagement is all about empowering patients to make their own healthcare decisions, a concept that will become even more vital as the healthcare industry continues to shift to value-based care. To improve health outcomes through informed decision-making and encourage people to become actively involved in their health, some of the leading healthcare providers use Innovaccer’s versatile patient engagement suite, InConnect Outreach.

The updates we have made to InConnect Outreach will allow users to manage the settings related to executing any of its programs. The outreach module will also enable the scheduling of outreach campaigns and the ability to monitor them according to a predetermined plan.

Efficient bulk outreach to a number of patients

Under the Program module, users can now set up outreach automations around specific triggers or populations. This also lets the user add omnichannel communication to connect with patients, which results in more efficient and optimized outreach.

In this update, users can initiate programs and schedule them for a specific time and date, which can be viewed under three tabs on the top - Active, Scheduled, and Inactive.

Before any program is activated or deactivated, the new update double-checks with users to minimize errors where the users enter the program’s name to perform any action.

Additionally, users can check a log of all the activity related to their campaign programs in one place. By simply expanding the event tab, they can access relevant information such as completion status, sender information, number of patients selected, and more. This reduces the error percentage and makes the user aware of their outreach specific actions.

This capability helps bring transparency to outreach efforts and makes cross-team collaboration easier!

Customizable and automated outreach programs

With this new update, users can now manage settings related to the execution of any programs through run settings. These are available under the Overview tab, and the following information can be managed through this:

  • Sender type
    • Specific sender: useful in use cases that revolve around a central office setup
    • Attributed sender: ACO, organization, or provider; results in streamlined and efficient personalization
  • Time and date of the program: send it right away or schedule a launch for later
  • Deactivation date: set any specific date or let the patients’ list complete on its own!
  • Patients refresh frequency: helps keep the targeted patient population relevant with your campaign content.

Additionally, to give the users a better sense of time zones, we have also added a banner noting the user’s time zone. This again helps with cross-team collaboration on outreach efforts.

We hope these new updates will help you connect with your patients far more efficiently and effectively. In the coming few weeks, we will also add a few more updates to make InConnect Outreach smarter and enable care teams to improve the patient experience while boosting patient engagement.


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Team Innovaccer
How to Engage Patients in Your Network with Outreach to Improve Clinical Outcomes

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