Innovaccer’s InNote application now available in Epic’s Connection Hub

Team Innovaccer
Tue 08 Feb 2022
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Innovaccer’s physician engagement solution, InNote—which provides critical patient insights at the point of care—is now fully integrated within Epic to deliver concise clinical information directly from the Epic EHR screen.

Physicians need to have immediate access to relevant patient data at the point of care to make informed decisions. Patient data is typically distributed across multiple data systems such as EHRs, claims, labs, pharmacies, and more, and these disconnected datasets need to be integrated and analyzed for physicians to have a more complete understanding of their patients.

We’re excited to announce that providers can now request access and deploy Innovaccer’s InNote solution from Epic's Connection Hub, Epic’s online list of APIs and apps. InNote, which reduces the hours needed to search for specific patient data and cuts through the noise of multiple systems, now delivers concise clinical information to physicians directly from their Epic EHR screen.

When providers view patient charts on Epic, they can access the Innovaccer InNote platform for a more robust view of patient data. Users whose systems are integrated with Epic will automatically be logged into the platform, so there will be no need for multiple sign-ins. They can select an active patient record and access patient data derived from disparate sources to view actionable insights.

Greater transparency for care teams

InNote was built to support the healthcare delivery needs of physicians and care teams to make their lives easier. It consolidates patient information, enables in-network referrals, and helps in engaging the physicians with the network’s cost- and quality-based outcomes.

InNote addresses care gaps in real time to enhance clinical outcomes. It synchronizes with physician workflows and provides contextual insights into completed and pending tasks. It helps to coordinate care and referral management and improve network performance. Providers can collaborate more effectively as a team to enhance efficiency and improve the patient care experience.

A step closer to interoperability

Care delivery is becoming more integrated and coordinated, and the InNote app helps providers manage care better by giving them the patient data and insights they need to improve care outcomes. InNote helps physicians automate referrals and ensures the continuity of care for patients while increasing transparency within the care team to improve coordination and efficiency.

Delivering critical patient information to physicians within their Epic EHR

  • The right information at the right time: InNote integrates with third-party data sources to deliver rich, consolidated information. It uses real-time information with historical data to build a strategy for care delivery.
  • Adaptable, physician-friendly technology: Reduce paperwork, redundant administrative tasks, and alert fatigue. InNote synchronizes with a physician’s calendar and informs them of upcoming visits and gaps that need to be addressed.
  • Team-based approach: InNote provides details of a patient’s extended care team and improves collaboration across the network by giving contextual insights into completed and pending tasks.
  • Patient-profile dashboards: Users can get a detailed clinical summary of each patient’s health through a dashboard showing vitals, upcoming tests, risk scores, and more.
  • Seamless referral management: InNote facilitates a simple referral-management process with dashboards that list details of in- and out-of-network specialists and other providers.
  • Personal and network performance review: Physicians can view their performance on scorecards and monitor performance trends based on care metrics.
  • Medicare, Medicaid, and other contract management: Providers can identify gaps in care and dropped codes—and focus on reducing the cost of care and unnecessary utilization—to ensure better care for patients and improve ratings.

With the InNote app available through the Epic's Connection Hub, it’s never been easier for providers to get the relevant information they need to make smarter point-of-care decisions.

Team Innovaccer continues to make InNote more innovative and available to as many marketplaces and providers as possible. Follow us to learn about upcoming updates or send us a message at


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Team Innovaccer
Innovaccer’s InNote application now available in the Epic App Orchard

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