Integrated Care Needs Integrated Data Lake

Abhinav Shashank
Fri 20 Jan 2017
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The shift from volume to value in the healthcare system is a crucial and requires changes in the traditional practice. Digitization in the healthcare system has oriented it to a data-driven standpoint; technology is supporting the backbone for this structure. Healthcare organizations are now looking to simplify the process and aiming to fulfill the needs and pooling in all the resources into a single interface.

Innovaccer’s proprietary platform Datashop provides one stop solution to all the needs of the providers. Datashop is agile, modular and end-user focused and provides a single source of truth; making the transition to value-based world simple and quick.

Why do you need to integrate your data?

The amount of available healthcare data has grown tremendously in the past few decades – in only 2012, the amount of healthcare data was estimated to be 150 exabytes, and processing this Big data not only sounds tiresome and time-consuming but at times proves ineffective and expensive. Big data doesn’t ensure actionable insights, and there is an overwhelming amount of data coming in from multiple sources. Making sense of this whopping amount of data is biggest problem health IT needs to tackle.

Why can’t everyone integrate healthcare data?

One of the biggest challenges with the existing EMR systems is that they follow a ‘black-box’ approach, where people on the outside don’t know of the processes that take place. As opposed to that, Datashop has a ‘white-box’ model.

More often than not even after collecting patients’ data, it cannot be passed on to the members of the care teams because of lack of appropriate standards. Many times it happens that two health systems have to exchange data on an urgent basis, but since they are using different versions of EHRs the process is troublesome not only for care teams but also the IT teams of healthcare organization even though they are “digitized.”

How Datashop integrates healthcare data and how is it different from any vendor?

Ahead of the curve, Datashop uses an Integrated Data Lake which is proven to be faster and better than an Enterprise data warehouse.  Datashop’s integrated data lake is based on a Hadoop infrastructure with a scalable architecture, which allows it to pool in large amounts of data and grow in an agile manner with an increase in data.

The 2-way interoperable integrated data lake can assimilate clinical, claims, billing and operational data with pre-built connectors to 50+ EMRs, and this robust platform is able to ingest data from:

  • CCDA documents
  • Connectivity from FHIR spec. sources.
  • EMRs
  • 837 files
  • Claims for payers
  • ADT feeds
  • Flat file dumps/CSV files

Datashop integrates vital patient information – patient demographics, their visit history, vital medical signs, diagnoses and lab result along with the details of their providers and billings. With Datashop’s pre-built connectors to 50+ widely used EMR systems on a drag-and-drop interface, users can integrate disparate data sources and create a 360, longitudinal view of a patient to facilitate population health management.

Why should you use Datashop integrated data lake for your healthcare data integration?

Most healthcare organizations undergo the struggle of having missing or erroneous information. Maintaining clinical, claims, financial and operational data and with a significant number of providers, payers, and patients, it becomes challenging to make sense of this puzzle.

Datashop integrated data lake integrates patient data from different data sources to create a master schema where the data is mapped to find any discrepancy, cleaned and an Enterprise Master Patient Index, or an EMPI is assigned to the data. EMPI module contains all the relevant data and matches the record with different data fields, including heuristic analytics to identify even the slightest of discrepancies cleaned by Data Quality assessment tool that can identify data gaps, verify records and alert providers.

  • The data quality tool helps track gaps in the raw data, fill in the missing data, and find errors.
  • Users can monitor data quality before and after processing, and verify the data transformation.
  • In the case of any inconsistency, an alert is sent out to users, notifying them of the inconsistency and let them take a corrective action.

The platform also has preconfigured templates for the more popular and widely available data sources so that settings and configurations can be imported in a click to set up the connectors. Ingested data can be processed via different pre-build models and modules built in the system to process data into actionable insights.

Datashop’s master data schema is flexible to account for numerous data sources, and is able to normalize, validate, and perform integrity checks across the following types of data elements:

  • Patient Demographics & Medical history
  • Patient Encounters/Visit History
  • Vitals, Immunization & allergies
  • Procedures & Diagnoses
  • Lab results & orders
  • Prescriptions/Refills
  • Social
  • Billing details
  • Providers

All of this, care teams can easily learn about the patient population through ‘Patient 360’ view. This tool helps healthcare organizations fine-tune their analytics, stratify patient population into different risk groups, improve quality and engage patients for timely interventions.

Make your organization future-ready

The future of healthcare is not very different from what we all dream of; a physician spending most of their time with patients, listening to them out and delivering care the way it’s meant to be. Technology should be the aspect that relieves care teams from all the existing hassles. It should be as revolutionary as a mobile which brings the world to our fingertips! We are talking about the next generation of healthcare where staying healthy and keeping healthy is not a challenge. The value-based ecosystem is the need of the hour, but many vendors have made it look like a curve ball! With Datashop integrated data lake, it’s a home run! And that’s how we take you closer to perfecting value-based care.

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Abhinav Shashank
Integrated Care Needs Integrated Data Lake

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