Key Factors for Boosting Contract Performance for Providers

Team Innovaccer
Wed 04 May 2022
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How can providers improve their ability to meet the business and clinical performance targets in their contracts? With tighter operating margins and rising costs, it's a critical concern shared by provider organizations in both the fee-for-service and value-based worlds.

Here to help us answer that question and more is Amy Stevens, a nationally known healthcare leader who recently joined Innovaccer as General Manager of  Provider Performance and Value Innovation. Amy has over 20 years of leadership experience inside health systems, ranging from large for-profits, such as HCA, to smaller regional not-for-profits. She’s been a chief strategy officer and a chief operating officer, and led one of the industry’s first clinical integration networks.

More recently Amy has been helping health systems, children's hospitals, and payers transform their digital journey. At Innovaccer, she’s focused on helping providers unlock the power of data to improve their ability to achieve the business and clinical performance targets in their contracts.

On today’s show, we speak with Amy about her views on how to improve healthcare business performance, using data to drive predictability in revenue, the vast and untapped power of SDoH, tools providers can use to achieve higher levels of value-based care delivery, building future-proofed healthcare systems, and more.

Here’s what we discussed:

  • Why clinical integration helps improve the digital journey for providers
  • How segregated core systems create data and workforce silos inside of silos
  • The need for speed: When data and insights arrive too late for action
  • How poor data connectivity impacts care delivery and business performance
  • When data becomes an asset as important as the workforce, facilities, and managed care contracts
  • Payment models: Where the industry stands on pure FFS, performance-based arrangements, and true risk
  • Tools that can help accelerate the transition to value and full risk
  • Integrating SDoH data everywhere to help manage chronic diseases, avoid readmissions, improve pop health, and reduce the total cost of care
  • Beyond the EHR: Creating a holistic view of the patient with new forms of data
  • Keep the baby and the bath water: How to embrace and extend existing systems to accelerate transformation
  • Getting to the hyper-personalized patient journey
  • “Plugging in” to higher performance with modular data and applications by leveraging a data platform
  • Building an infrastructure that’s ready for “what’s next” (genomics, proteomics, digiceuticals, etc.)
  • Improving performance and removing data barriers through application rationalization
  • A commitment to boost female leaders in health tech

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Team Innovaccer
Key Factors for Boosting Contract Performance for Providers

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