Improving Quality Reporting with the Innovaccer Health Cloud

A leading health network was using various technology vendors and disconnected electronic health record systems. Management was dissatisfied with both the user experience and the outcomes of its existing population health and analytics solutions, and the organization lacked the budget to support its existing data management initiatives. The network adopted the Innovaccer Health Cloud to close gaps and fulfill its need for a single enterprise data lake. Innovaccer identified redundancies in the IT backbone of the health network, refined its data archival strategy, and streamlined applications with intelligence layers to reduce technology costs.
Read this Success Stories to learn about:
Save $5.7 million on annual operational IT expenses through vendor consolidation and application rationalization

Condense more than 10,000 ad-hoc reports by converting them into around 800 user-friendly enterprise metrics, resulting in easier access to actionable insights

Gain an enterprise data fabric within its budget

Reduce IT infrastructure costs by 70% by moving to a SaaS-based model


Accelerate Your Digital Transformation with the Innovaccer Health Cloud

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